Home Remedies For Anemia

Decrease in hemoglobin levels in blood is known as Anemia. When a condition of breathlessness, fatigue, dizziness and dilemma is felt, first doubt is indicated towards anemia. The main culprit behind this problem is deficiency of vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and folic acid.

In case of pregnancy a condition of anemia is conceded dangerous to both mother and child. Following various home remedies for anemia, one can avoid this condition.

Below are some of the best and effective home remedies for anemia.

  1. Consuming food stuff like milk, yogurt, cheese, cereals, rice, pastas, green vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry products, eggs, nuts, meat and dry beans helps in boosting the production of hemoglobin and allied elements to fade away the anemia condition.
  2. Avoid the consumption of tea and coffee as these are responsible for lowering the Hb levels in the body.
  3. Iron utensils are recommended for cooking purposes. This helps in enhancing the iron levels in the body.
  4. Eating dried fruits, oysters, lentils, raisins, breads, pastas, beetroots and grain flour will provide iron in good amount for the healthy body.
  5. If you are pregnant go for routine check up and take the entire vitamin and iron supplements given by the doctor.
  6. Folic acid supplements, iron supplements, iron supplements, vitamin B6 and vitamin B 12 supplements can also be taken under the guidance of your doctor. If you will not consult your doctor, then there is a chance of getting stomachache or constipation.
  7. Consuming white cabbage juice helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels and also the B12 levels.
  8. Apple intake regularly helps in evading the risk of anemia.
  9. The simple home remedies for anemia is to eat kidney and liver of organic meats.
  10. Eating dandelion green salads is also helpful remedy over anemia.
  11. Having daily twice baths with cold water is also recommended remedy for anemic patients.
  12. The juice of beet root is also a good source of potassium, calcium, copper, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and proteins. Hence consuming it regularly helps in boosting of blood levels.
  13. Hot Epsom baths and cold friction baths for 10 minutes every week helps in anemic condition.
  14. Sunlight is also said to increase the production of red blood cells. Hence having sunbath once in a while is a good natural treatment for anemia.
  15. Anemic persons should consume 3 to 4 dried figs a day. This is a very simple and easy remedy for anemia.
  16. Take honey, apple cider vinegar and lemon together in morning empty stomach to achieve one of the best cure for anemia.
  17. Light exercises and deep breathing also promotes increase in blood levels in the body.
  18. To make the blood circulation proper taking body massages every alternate day will also be helpful.
  19. Performing regular yoga exercises helps to improve mind and body coordination therefore making body to perform at the optimized levels.
  20. Consuming amalaki helps in supplementing vitamin C, which is required by the body of the anemic person.