Home Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis is a problem that has made people to suffer from agony of pain and discomfort. A very high ratio of world population has been suffering from this problem. This condition arises when there is inflammation in the joint structure that is very painful. Because of this, people find it extremely difficult to move and feel so helpless.

There have been many causes that initiate the arthritis in the body. Stress and less physical activity can be considered as one of the top most causes for arthritis formation in the body.

Home remedies for arthritis are very effective and comes handy to get relief from the pain. Following are the list of home remedies for arthritis.

  1. Raw potato juice is very effective therapy for those who are suffering with rheumatic and arthritic conditions. This remedy is in use since a long time. To make the potato juice you will need to cut the potato into thin slices. There is no need to peel off the potato skin. Immerse these slices in a glass of cold water. Keep it overnight. Drink this empty stomach early morning. One more method is to make fresh potato juice and mix it with a cup of water and drink it after getting up on an empty stomach.
  2. In a cup full of water add a teaspoon of black sesame seeds. Keep this water overnight and consume it the next morning. This solution has proved to be the best home remedy for arthritis. This also helps in reducing the pain as well as inflammation.
  3. Consuming juice of any green leafy vegetable mixed with beetroot juices; carrot juices and celery juices is one of the finest home remedy for arthritis.
  4. Fresh pineapple juice is also considered very effective in arthritic condition as it reduces the swelling and inflammation of the muscles.
  5. Calcium is also very useful in relieving the joint pains. Many patients of arthritis have got complete relief from their joint pains after taking calcium supplements. Take two teaspoons of calcium lactate with water three times in a day. This remedy should be done for at least four months without fail to get best results.
  6. In order to strengthen the muscles, keep drinking water in a copper container. The water will get traces of copper dissolved in it. Drinking this copper water helps in supplementing copper in the body. It is also useful for strengthening muscles.
  7. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic are well known. Hence intake of raw garlic or making use of more garlic while cooking helps in relieving from arthritic pains.
  8. In few types of arthritis the basic reason behind the muscle pains is the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Lime has citric acid, which is a solvent of uric acid. Hence add limejuice to one glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.
  9. Arthritis patients should eat bananas as they are good source of vitamin B6. One can also eat only bananas for about three to four days. This will give you relief from the joint pains.