Home Remedies For Acidity

Acidity is a problem that is encountered quite often. This is most of the time related to digestive problems but there may be certain other possible reasons for developing it.

Home remedies for acidity

  1. Mint is a popular home remedy for acidity. Take about eight to ten mint leaves. These leaves should be chewed preferably in morning empty stomach. Repeat this activity for a month and see the marvelous results.
  2. A pinch of baking soda is put in a glass of fresh water. Gulp the complete glass of water without a pause. This activity will help to overcome the acidity problem.
  3. Intake of Lemon juice is again a wonderful home remedy in treating acidity. The best method to consume lemon juice is to have a pinch of lemon in a glass of slightly warm water twice or thrice during the day. Best time for consuming this is before the start of the meal.
  4. Make a vegetarian herbal salad containing cucumber and watermelon. Consume it at every meal. Both cucumber and watermelon helps in cooling the digestive tract and reduce hyperacidity problem. The best effect is attained when these both are consumed together.
  5. Basil leaves, also known as tulasi , is again considered to be beneficial for the treating acidity problem. The correct method of taking tulasi is to take about seven to eight leaves of the herb each morning. Continuing the treatment for up to a week can help in the treatment of acidity.
  6. Having a glass of warm water every morning with a pinch of asafetida powder in it can also help to relieve acidity provided the therapy is continued for about a week without a break.
  7. Take a glass of water, preferably cold. Add some kokum to it to make a sherbet. Sugar can be added as per the taste, though it does not help in the effectiveness of the remedy itself. Add a teaspoonful of cumin seeds to the sherbet. Have it once every morning for a week. This will help in relieving acidity.
  8. Water of tender coconut is considered to be an excellent remedy for eradicating acidity problem. This must be had early morning on an empty stomach. Coconut water has several other health benefits and hence continuing the practice of having it every morning is very good for overall health.
  9. This remedy can give instant relief. Take a piece of fresh ginger and a similar amount of fresh coriander. Put these into the mouth and chew them together. Continue chewing them till it dissolve and then swallow them. This will give an immediate relief from the acidity problem.
  10. Extract the juice of one whole  fresh orange in a glass. To this juice add some cumin seeds that have been lightly roasted. Drink up the juice. Continue this for about seven days. This remedy provides long term benefits from the acidity problem.
  11. One very fast-acting remedy uses apple cider vinegar. Take about two to three teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink the entire thing at once. As soon as the vinegar enters the stomach, a relief from the acidity problem is obtained.
  12. Another good method to get quick relief from acidity problems is to take some yogurt and eat it as it is. This will give a quick relief and can be had whenever acidity becomes a problem.