Home Remedies For Asthma

Asthma is a problem of respiratory tract. This condition of asthma develops when human body gets some kind of allergy that initiates the protection mode of the body causing self destructive like condition. It’s a tough condition and any body could get affected by this problem if he or she has low immunity.

Below are certain home remedies for asthma that may prove helpful in evading this painful condition.

  1. Ginger and garlic have a great benefit on people with asthmatic problems, provided the therapy is continued on a regular basis. The best way to have this remedy is in the form of a tea. A tea must be prepared in the routine way; the only special thing is the addition of the two herbs. Ginger must be added in a slightly crushed form and so must garlic cloves be added. The tea must be brewed for at least fifteen minutes so that the juices of the ginger and the garlic get steeped into the tea. This tea must be consumed when hot, twice a day. The best times to have it are during the early morning and the early evening.
  2. When a person has an asthmatic attack, it can be relieved by placing a tablespoonful of honey under the patient's nose. This improves the breathing.
  3. The patient suffering from asthma problem can be given a honey water solution (1 teaspoonful of honey in a glassful of water) about thrice in a day.
  4. One more remedy for long term benefits from asthma is to rub a mixture of mustard oil and camphor on the back and the chest of the patient.
  5. About 30 ml of milk is taken. To this are added a few garlic cloves and the milk is brought to a boil. The garlic cloves are then removed and the milk is drunk. This proves to be a good natural home remedy for asthma.
  6. Inhalation techniques work excellently for asthmatic patients because asthma is largely a respiratory disorder. For the inhalation, steam flavored with caraway seeds is useful. In the vessel of the inhaler, water is taken and a handful of caraway seeds are added to it. This is brought to a boil to generate steam. This is used for the inhalation.
  7. Another water-based home remedy for asthma is to take some licorice root and put it in a utensil containing water. Bring this solution to a boil and let it boil for at least 10 minutes. When done, remove it from the flame, allow it to slightly cool (but it must be still warm), filter it and drink it. Do this at least twice a day.
  8. A very simple remedy is to have milk flavored with turmeric. The milk is taken in a glassful quantity and to that some turmeric powder (about a teaspoon of it) is added. Two to three glassfuls of such turmeric-flavored milk must be consumed in a day for the best benefits. The remedy is most highly beneficial if the milk is had on an empty stomach.
  9. Take some water and put four to five cloves of garlic into it. Also add some honey. Now boil this solution. Boil it so that the amount of water gets reduced to a cupful quantity. Then filter the solution and drink it when it is still piping hot. This remedy needs to be done once a day.
  10. The fruit pomegranate is known to have virtuous benefits for asthmatic patients. Even the peel of the pomegranate has wonderful health effects. Peel a pomegranate and let it dry in an airtight container. Now, put some of this peel in about a glassful of milk. Also add two to three raisins. Bring the milk to a boil and then drink it at the hottest temperature you can. Drinking this kind of milk twice in a day helps in relieving all symptoms of asthma.