Home Remedies For Backache

Back ache is a general condition in which an individual feels pain and discomfort in the back or spine region. Generally back pain is in common terms referred to lower back pain also known as lumbago. It is very discomforting condition and it can happen to anyone any place and any time. In some cases it is very severe and in some it is mild. Backaches are very common kind of pains. If not treated on time there could be high risk of getting spinal disk problems.

Consider the following home remedies for backache , next time you get a backache.

  1. Having a back massage helps in improving the blood circulation and also releases stress from muscle thereby helps in resolving the pain and inflammation.
  2. Taking a hot water shower is a good method in relieving from back pain.
  3. Supplying heat on the affected part of the back in the form of heat pads is another good method for relieving from back pain.
  4. Exercising back by moving pelvis side by side and back also helps in reliving from back pain. Don’t do the forward bending as it may aggravate pain.
  5. Consuming nuts especially walnut is very beneficial in removing back pain.
  6. Performing simple warm up exercises and stretching helps in relieving from back pain.
  7. Applying preheated buckwheat in a cloth on the affected back are also helps in relieving from pain.
  8. Gentle massaging of back with a mixture of almond oil and mint oil is also effective home remedies for backache.
  9. In backache the best remedy is to take bed rest. Backaches can also occur due to overwork. Hence it should be given ample time to relax.
  10. If back ache is mild, then one should try the heat therapy. The heat will allow the strained muscles to relax. This method is very effective home remedies for backache especially when the back pain is due to overweight training of some physical trauma.
  11. Many a time’s inflammation of the back muscles is responsible for backaches. In such cases the pain relievers will not work at all. The painkillers are not effective on the backaches as most of them are caused due to inflammation of the related muscles
  12. Various heat patches are easily available at market palce that can work wonders in case the backache is not severe. These self-heating patches can give relief from backaches caused due to muscular and joint pains. These patches produce heat energy in the affected region and helps in reliving the muscular cramps.
  13. Consuming warm water mixed with honey is and effect measure for reducing muscular cramp of back.
  14. Take sugar candy and khas khas grass in equal ratio. Make a powder out of these. Take six grams of this powder with milk, twice in a day.
  15. Consume three garlic cloves every morning with warm water. Also applying garlic oil on the affected area will give you comfort from the pain. To make garlic oil fry ten to twelve garlic cloves in some oil. These oil is very good remedy for backaches.