Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing thing one encounters. The basic reason for this phenomenon is because of microbial growth in oral cavity. Other common reasons for bad breath is consumption of strong odor eatables like onion, garlic etc. This can related to hygiene problem also. If any individual does not brush his teeth properly and do not keep his or her mouth clean, then bad breath may occur. This is a resultant of growth of bacteria’s in mouth or the decayed food matter that somehow get stuck in teeth. Smoking and consuming tobacco may also be a great reason for bad breath from mouth.

Below are some home remedies that are effective in eradicating bad breath.

Home remedies for Bad Breath

  • To prevent bad breath, brush your teeth properly after every meal.
  • Dissolve some baking soda in warm water and use this water for gargling. The same solution is also very good for cleaning the tongue.
  • To get fast relief from bad breath, chew fresh mint leaves. This is one of the very effective home remedies for bad breath.
  • After every meal, you can chew one clove and cardamom as these will also prevent bad breath.
  • Gargling with lemon water is also effective cure for bad breath. Take one glass of water put few drops of lemon juice and use this solution for gargling.
  • Tea made form fenugreek seeds is also very effective in reducing the bad breath.
  • If you get bad breath more often, then you can include yogurt as an inseparable part of your diet. This will give you relief from bad breath problems.
  • An apple a day will also prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thus will prevent bad breath.
  • Make herbal tea with sugar. Drinking this tea will also help to cure bad breath.
  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. These both are the major reason for bad breath.
  • After you finish eating your meals, chew sunflower seeds and then drink a glass of water. This is also one of the very effective home remedies for bad breath.
  • To remove the bad breath, chew cardamom seeds. This will give sweet smell to your breath.
  • In case you are in a meeting or social gathering then drinking pineapple juice will soon cure bad breath.
  • Take half liter water and add one-teaspoon seeds of fenugreek into it. Keep this water for boiling for about fifteen minutes. Strain this and drink this tea made from fenugreek seeds on a daily basis. This is very good home remedy for treating the bad breathe.
  • Eating unripe guava is very good for curing the bad breath. It also helps to cure bleeding gums. This remedy acts as tonic for teeth and gums.
  • Avocadoes if consumed on daily basis helps in evading bad breath problem.
  • Various vegetable juices and fruit juices are also very effective in curing bad breath.
  • Parsley is also very good in curing the bad breath. Chop parsley and add into two cups of water. Boil this together with two cloves for say ten minutes and then strain it. Use this mixture as mouthwash or gargle. This is very effective on bad breath problems.