Home Remedies For Blackheads

Black heads is a problem that generally occurs on face. But it is not a rule that it cannot occur anywhere else on the body. Black head problem occurs due to blockage of skin pores by external elements like dust etc. This pores are actually the sebaceous glands that helps in keeping our skin moist and oily. No doubt black head problem is not a fatal one but definitely it has a effect on mind due to cosmetic reasons.

Below are certain home remedies that are helpful in evading this problem.

  1. Take some leaves of the tea tree and let them sundry for a couple of days. Then rub these leaves onto the black head spots. A continuous use of this treatment will help in the complete removal of the blackheads.
  2. Another remedy uses the leaves of fenugreek. Take a decent amount of these leaves and rub them onto the skin, right on the blackheads. Paste of fenugreek can also be used for this purpose. After about fifteen minutes, remove the paste by washing. This process can be repeated twice a day to achieve best results.
  3. If the blackheads are not very dark honey can be applied on it. Take some honey and simply rub it on the blackheads. Let it stay there for a while. Remove the honey from the skin by washing. This needs to be done on a regular basis.
  4. Dry some almonds and then grind them in a food processor to make their powder. Then put this powder in some rose water. Make a paste and apply it on the blackheads. The marks will gradually diminish as the therapy is continued.
  5. Mix some honey and powder of cinnamon in the ratio of three is to one. Mix them to form a paste. This paste is to be applied on the blackheads and kept there overnight. It is allowed to dry and then the paste is washed off in the morning. The paste works on the blackhead over the night and helps in fading away the blackheads.
  6. Smearing the albumin of an egg (the egg white) on the face also helps. You have to work the egg white onto the blackhead as though it is a face wash solution and wash it off with water almost immediately. Once that is done, the face must be dried with a rough towel which has a scrubbing action on the blackheads that helps in removing it.
  7. Add some mint juice to some turmeric powder. Make a paste of these two. Now apply the paste on the skin, directly where the blackheads are present. Let the paste stay on the skin for at least half an hour; it does not cause an uncomfortable sensation and can be easily kept on for this much time. After that, wash the face with slightly warm water.
  8. Add some sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to water. You must take about two teaspoonfuls of sodium bicarbonate to add to three cups of water. Boil this water. Now, take a towel, dip it in this solution and place the towel on the blackheads. You need to keep doing this repeatedly about four to five times a day for it to have an effect for the treatment.
  9. Take a teaspoonful of lemon juice. Add one teaspoonful of cinnamon power to it. Make a paste of these two ingredients. Use the paste to scrub on the blackheads directly. You will need to do this regularly for about two weeks to see some results.