Home Remedies For Common Cold

The inflammation of the upper respiratory tract is known as common cold. This happens due to the infection of the upper respiratory tract with common cold viruses. Mostly common cold problem arises in infants but elderly people may also get infected by it due to low immunity. The symptoms of common cold are runny nose, frequent sneezing, sore throat, headache, mild fever and cough.

Home remedies for Common Cold:

  • Mix onion juice and honey in equal proportions. Consume about three to four teaspoons of it. This helps in preventing from getting severe cold infection and allergies.
  • Make tea using a shot of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey, one shot of whiskey and water. Drinking this tea will give instant relief from cold.
  • Take a tablespoon of carom seeds (Ajwain) and crush them. Tie these crushed carom seeds in a piece of cloth. Inhaling this will give relief from blocked nose. This is one of the very effective home remedies for common cold.
  • Add about half teaspoon of honey and cinnamon oil and have it to get quick relief form common cold.
  • In a cup of milk add one teaspoon of pepper powder, pinch of turmeric and some sugar. Boil this together and prepare your medicinal tea for treating common cold.
  • When you have cold and fever together then lemon is very useful. As lemon is rich source of vitamin C, it will increase the immunity level of the body along with decreasing the toxins inside the body. Add one lemon juice into one glass of warm water and drink this twice in a day. This is one of the most tried home remedies for common cold.
  • Taking garlic soup once in a day is also very effective way of treating common cold. Chop about three to four garlic cloves and boil them in about a cup of water. Garlic has many medicinal qualities like it is antiseptic and antispasmodic. The garlic soup helps to open up the choked up respiratory tract. This also removes the toxins form the body and helps in bringing the fever down.
  • To treat the common cold, adds five drops of garlic oil and on teaspoon of onion juice in about a cup of water. Drink this solution for about two to three times in a day.
  • Ginger is also very effective in common cold treatment. Cut ginger into small pieces and boil it in about one cup of water. Strain this solution and add about half teaspoon of sugar into it. Drink this hot. This will also relieve your sore throat and make you feel relieved.
  • Adding ginger in your tea solution is also very effective remedy for treating common cold.
  • If throat is irritable then consuming lady's finger helps in reliving from this condition. The lady's finger also very effective in reducing the irritation and pain in throat. Boil about 100 gm cut pieces of lady's finger in about half liter of water. You can use this decoction for treating sore throat. The steam of this decoction is also very effective in opening the blocked nose.
  • Mix little turmeric powder in one glass of warm milk and drink this before going to bed. You can also have this drink early in the morning.
  • The smoke of burning turmeric is also very effective in treating the blocked nose.