Home Remedies For Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder in which one feels completely disoriented from life. Depression changes the way one feels about themselves and also changes their opinions towards various aspects of life. In short when too much negativity surrounds one, he or she is bound to go in depression. Depression is a severe condition. Depression if not treated on time may lead the sufferer to suicidal state.

Below are certain remedies that may be fruitful in countering depression.

  1. The best home remedies for depression is to pray. Prayer has the magical effect. It can help anyone to get their hope back and live confidently. It is also good to be in company of those who don't add to the negative feeling but give positive advice to face the life.
  2. To treat depression one should be careful about their diet. Sweets just give temporary relief hence should not be consumed in high dosage as it will only contribute to over calories in body. The same thing is applied to drinking caffeine and alcohol. One should limit drinking these drinks if they really want to fight with depression.
  3. Eating vegetables, nuts and whole grains will give enough magnesium, which helps in curing the depression.
  4. For depression treatment Licorice tea is also very beneficial. Daily three cups of licorice tea will do the trick. This is one of the simplest home remedies for depression.
  5. If 5HTP supplements are taken with proper antidepressants then it also proves to be effective in the treatment of depression.
  6. Amla juice and nutmeg powder taken together is also one of the good home remedies for depression. 1tablespoon of fresh amla juice mixed with 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg powder is the correct way of taking these things together.
  7. To cheer up the mood eating an apple with honey and milk is also good to treat depression.
  8. Go for a spa treatment, as it will help to relax the body and mind. If this is not possible then have a long bath with refreshing oils and perfumed soaps.
  9. Different Yogic asanas are also beneficial in treating depression.
  10. For treating depression the root of asparagus is also helpful. Once in day, take one or two grams of powder if the dry roots of asparagus.
  11. The home made tea made by boiling one cup of water, sugar and two green cardamoms is also good solution over depression. This tea can be easily drunk two times in a day.
  12. Make tea with adding ½ teaspoon of sage and ¼ teaspoon of tulasi in a cup of hot water and drink it twice in a day. This will help to fight with depression.
  13. The natural home remedies like relaxation therapy and meditation also works well in treating depression.
  14. Take good massage oil and massage your hair with it. It is better to take a hair massage before going to bed. This will give peaceful sleep too.
  15. To treat depressions try to keep the house clean and fresh. Flowers are also helpful in making the mood better, so you can decorate the house with lots of colorful flowers.