Home Remedies For Ear Infections And Aches

Due to fungus and bacteria in the ear, many people suffer from ear infections and aches. Such ear infections mostly occur in outer or middle ear. Bacterial infections are caused by water and this results in earaches. There are various eardrops available in the market but instead of trying these medicines, you can also get relief from pain by trying home remedies for ear infections and aches .

Home remedies for Ear Infections and Aches:

  1. Make an ear drop with basil leaves and put this in the infected ear about two to three drops.
  2. Make garlic juice and put about two to three drops of garlic juice in your ear. This is one of its kind simple and effective home remedies for ear infection and aches .
  3. Make an onion juice and put it in your infected ear two to three drops at a time.
  4. Make a paste of mango leaves and boil this paste in water. You can put two to three drops of this solution in the infected ear. This will give relief from the pains.
  5. In a warm clothe take boiled garlic pieces or heated onion pieces and keep this clothe over the infected and aching ear. The heating pad will give comfort from ear pains.
  6. One of the simples remedy for ear infections and aches is to put drops of olive oil in the infected ear. This will also help in cleaning the wax form the ears.
  7. Make a mixture of garlic paste and olive oil and use this as eardrops for your aching ear.
  8. You can also use mineral oils as eye drops, as it will not cause you any allergies.
  9. Having warm vegetable soup is also very effective remedy for ear infections and aches.
  10. If you will take care to keep your ears and the surrounding part of the ears dry and clean with the help of ear buds, then you will not get any ear infections ever.
  11. If it is very cold outside then tie a scarf over your head that will cover both the ears and prevent moist air from entering your ears and thus prevent from any earaches.
  12. In short the ear infection should not last for more than two to three days. Hence is the pain is not going after the third day, you should take appointment with your doctor.
  13. If you have to go in water for swimming then put mineral oil in your ears before steeping into the water. Mineral oil will protect your ears from any allergies.
  14. Take vegetable oil and tea tree oil in equal quantity and mix them together. Use this as eardrops. This will give instant relief from the earaches.
  15. In market you will get garlic oil capsules. Put this capsule and boil it in a cup of water for about a minute. After this make a hole into the capsule and put five to six drops from it in the infected ear.
  16. Make a mixture with tea tree oil, chamomile, olive oil and lavender oil. You can rub this oil mixture on the outside of the infected ear. You can also soak cotton in this oil and place it inside the infected ear.