Home Remedies For Eye Care

Bloodshot eyes is not considered as a big problem but still one should take good care of eyes so that no such condition ever occurs in their lives. Many times this occurs due to tiredness, strain on eyes, irritation, inflammation or any viral infection.

Home remedies for eye care:

  • Mix rose water and limejuice in equal parts and store them in a jar. You can use this liquid as eye drops.
  • You can eat as much spinach as you like, as it is very good for eyes. It also prevents eyes from various eye problems.
  • Vitamin A is very important for having healthy eyes. Hence include such foods in your diet, which are good source of vitamin A.
  • One of the best home remedies for eye care is to eat walnuts on a daily basis.
  • In order to protect your eyes from cataracts, eat all such food items that are rich source of vitamin C.
  • You can also put eyebright herb drops in your eyes to have a clear vision and get protection from viral infections.
  • To cure myopia, you can make an eye wash for your eyes. For this you will need to take water in a green color bottle and keep this bottle in sunlight for a single day. Your eyewash is ready.
  • One more effective home remedies for eye care is to make an eye drop. For making an eye drop mix four grams of alum powder and 30 grams of rose water together. Putting two to three drops of this solution in your eyes will reduce the strain on your eyes. It is also good for reducing the redness of the eyes.
  • Every night before sleeping, massage the soles and toes of your foot with mustard oil. This remedy will take care of all your eye problems.
  • If you have the bad habit of smoking then stop it now, as the smoke is not good for the eyes.
  • To prevent cataract make a mixture from 10 grams honey, 10 grams onion juice and 2 grams of Borneo Camphor. Apply this mixture to your eyes before sleeping.
  • In summer time, you can easily get high amount of vitamin A and calcium by daily eating mangoes.
  • Make an eye drop by mixing half teaspoon of fennel seeds into one cup of water. Boil this mixture and after cooling it down you can use it as an eye drop.
  • Eat lots of carrots and tomatoes on a daily basis. These two things are very good for eyes.
  • Wash your eyes often. Tae proper rest. For good eyesight daily seven hours sleep is a must.
  • If your work requires you to work most of the time on computer, then take five to ten minutes break from the computer screen after every two hours.
  • There are certain very good eye exercises that you can do to keep your eyesight fine. You can close your eyes with your palms for ten to fifteen minutes. For doing this exercise you must sit in a comfortable position first. Also blinking your eyes ten times at one time will also help in keeping eyes free of infection.