Home Remedies For Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

Feet swelling happens during pregnancy because the toxins that are produced in the body are not expelled by urination or other methods and hence stay in the body. These toxins then settle at the lowest part of the body, which are the feet. Hence, feet swelling that happens during pregnancy is not just a physically discomforting situation, but it is also dangerous to the health. One way of removing the swelling is to keep drinking a lot of water . Pregnant women must drink at least six to eight glasses of water in a day. This helps to flush out the toxins through urination. Women who urinate a lot during their pregnancy are healthier because the toxins are getting voided from their system through the urination.

Undue pressure must not be applied on the feet during pregnancy. This includes avoiding work that requires the woman to keep in a standing position for longer periods of time. Also, they should not wear tight jeans or trousers or keep their legs pressed by folding them while sitting.

Women should make it a point to avoid hot temperatures when they are pregnant. This is because hot temperatures can draw out the water content present in their bodies which will make it all the more difficult for them to flush out the toxins in the body through urination.

A proper balanced diet must be consumed when the woman is pregnant. This is because a balanced diet can provide the woman with all the kinds of nutrients that they would require. Unbalanced meals are always lacking in some or the other nutrient and this might make the body imperfect at digestion and thus retain toxins in the body.

One remedy to avoid feet swelling during pregnancy is to add some coriander leaves in some water taken in a saucepan. Keep this saucepan over the flame and let it come to a boil. Allow it to boil until it comes to about half the amount. When it becomes half, take a cupful of the mixture and drink it. You will need to do this at three different times in a day. The therapy helps circulate the toxins in the body in a better manner so that they can be flushed out more effectively.

One more remedy uses palm sugar and fennel seeds in water, which is boiled in the same manner as above, i.e. till its volume reduces to half. When that happens, a cupful of this solution is consumed. This is also meant to be done thrice in a day.

Eat green vegetables in abundance and, if you can, have them raw in the form of salads. This helps to digest the foods properly and eliminate the waste products from the body very effectively.

It is also important to give proper exercise to the feet so that they are not stagnated. The idea is to allow the toxins to move in a better manner in the feet so that they are absorbed by the bloodstream and then eliminated from the body.