Home Remedies For Heart Care

The role of heart is very important as it provides oxygenated blood to all parts of body and sends the deoxygenated blood to liver for purification. If heart is not working properly then there are several health complications that can arise. Heart problems have increases in last decade. Mostly men are the heart patients. Most heart patients have coronary heart diseases; in this the blood vessels get blocked, which puts extra pressure on heart. This can further lead to heart attack.

Home remedies for Heart Care:

  • Amla (Emblica myrobalan) is very rich source of vitamin C and hence very good for heart care.
  • Before going to bed add one tablespoon of honey and juice of half lemon into a glass of water and drink this. This is one of the very effective home remedies for heart care .
  • Juice of beetroot is also very effective in the treatment of various heart diseases.
  • Boil two cloves of garlic in milk and drink this on a daily basis. This will help to prevent various heart problems.
  • Lemon is very good for body, as it reduces the cholesterol level and thus very effective in the treatment of heart care.
  • To provide real tonic to heart, you can eat fresh grape fruits. Eating grapefruits on daily basis is also very effective of the home remedies for heart care .
  • Before sleeping you can have bath with water equal hot as the room temperature. You can do this on alternate days during the wintertime.
  • Everyday morning after getting up take one teaspoon of tulsi juice with one teaspoon of honey.
  • Take tea made form parsley tow to three times in a day.
  • Apple is also very good fruit to take good care of heart. Eat lot of apples or at least have apple juice on a daily basis.
  • Increase your intake of vitamin E, as this will make your heart stronger.
  • You should also control the intake of salt. Try to use minimum slat while preparing the food. For the same reason avoid outside salty and fried food.
  • If you smoke, then give it up today. Smoking is among one of the major causes of getting heart diseases.
  • Regular exercises are very important too. This will keep your body in well shape, thus prevent you from becoming overweight.
  • Include green vegetables, fruits, and cereals in your diet. This will give you enough of energy for the normal functioning of your heart.
  • Avoid alcohol intake at any cost. One peg is also not recommended for you, if you have heart ailments.
  • Keep sugar level under control and also control your blood pressure. Blood pressure and diabetes can lead to heart disorders.

There is no need to get worried or scared under any circumstances. There are various medical treatments and facility available today that you can easily overcome any major heart disorders. If you will be alert as you turn 40 years, and do regular checkup of your sugar level and blood pressure level. Do regular exercises and keep your weight in control.