Home Remedies For Jetlag

Draw out a bath and put some Epsom salt in the bath water. Put some relaxing music on in the bathroom and light some aromatherapy candles and have a long soothing bath. This is a very effective remedy to treat the problem of jetlag.

One way to prevent jetlag is to keep the body constantly hydrated while you are traveling. Drink a glassful of water every half an hour when you are flying. This will keep the body functioning in the right order and will avoid jetlag from happening.

Before starting out with the flight, about an hour prior, take some ginger , keep in dipped in water for a few minutes and drink it. This will keep you fresher during the journey and will prevent the jetlag from happening.

When you have reached your destination, have someone do a head massage for you. You can do it yourself, if you will be able to reach into your scalp properly and work the oil right at the hair roots. The herbal oils such as the sesame oil works the best in this case. You will find your tiredness disappearing with the massage.

Face massages also help. However, you need to take the right oils. You can take olive oil or almond oil for giving you the greatest benefits in this case.

Take a glass of milk . Add a pinch of nutmeg in it. Also add a pinch of ginger powder. Warm the milk. Drink this milk when you have reached your destination. You will find that the effects of the jetlag do not show up much.

Mix some hops with some lettuce . Eat this salad without any flavoring or seasoning. It helps in allaying the symptoms of jetlag.

Prepare a tea with mint added to it. Chamomile is the best ingredient to make this tea. Add an equal amount of mint leaves to the tea. Let it steep in already boiling water for ten minutes. Have this tea when you have reached your destination. It will help keep the various symptoms of jetlag at bay.

Do not eat spicy and fatty foods when you are traveling. If you put too much pressure on your digestive system, the chances are that you will be affected by jetlag much more easily.

Instead, you must make sure that you give your body the right amount of carbohydrates . While you are traveling, order a meal that is good in carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates are primary sources of energy. When you have this energy within you, your body won't feel listless when you reach your destination.

Similarly, having a couple of teaspoonfuls of unrefined sugar can help you in getting a quick release of energy that can take care of the symptoms of the jetlag.

Do not wear clothes that are too tight during your journey. If blood circulation is affected, the chances of jetlag are higher. When traveling, remove your jacket and tie and kick off your shoes. This will help you travel much more conveniently and you will not be overburdened by the travel when you reach your destination.