Home Remedies For Menstruation

Menstruation is a part of every woman's existence. There are various problems associated with menstruations and that is why most of the women hate those days when they get their menses. There is no escape for women fro menstruation and hence to have some handy home remedies for menstruation problems won't go waste. Most of the time the first menstrual cycle brings with it various problems like stomachache, vomiting, nausea, cramps, mood swings, leg aches, etc, For some women these symptoms vanish with time but still cramps and leg aches are the inseparable part of menstruations.

Home remedies for Menstruation:

  1. If you are having painful menstruations and also experiencing heavy blood flow, then ginger will help you cure these problems. Boil one fresh piece of ginger in one cup of water for few minutes. You can add sugar also if you want. Then drink this at least three times in a day.
  2. If your menstruation is irregular and you want to increase your menstruation then having parsley juice on a regular basis will help you. You will also get relief in cramps. You can also mix beet juice, carrot juice or cucumber juice to parsley juice for better effect over menstruation problems.
  3. Eating raw papaya will help to regulate the blood flow. This home remedies for menstruation is also effective in case the menstruations stop due to fright or stress.
  4. If you are anemic then chances are you will find the menstruations like a tough task. Sesame seeds are very effective over this problem. Take a half-tablespoon of this powder with water twice daily to reduce the pain during menstruations.
  5. Put a chickpea plant in hot water and have bath with it. You can also use this plant in a sitting steam bath.
  6. If you are troubled with excessive menstruations then cook one banana flower and eat it with curd. This is very effective in reducing the blood flow.
  7. To cure heavy bleeding during menstruations make juice of mango bark and have it with white of an egg.
  8. To make the blood flow regular during menstruations coriander seeds are very useful. Boil half liter water with six grams of coriander seeds in it. Have it when it is still warm. If you want you can have it with sugar candy.
  9. To increase your health level you can also include lots of fresh fruits n your daily diet. Having milk during the days of your menses will also give you strength and increase your physical stamina.
  10. Include raw vegetables and wholegrain cereals in your diet. Don't have too much tea or coffee.
  11. As much as possible avoid salty and oily foods. It is not good to eat pickles also.
  12. If you have habit of smoking then try to give up smoking, as smoking will add to the problems of menstruation.

In short the problems of menstruation can be cured at home without going to your doctor. But in case you think that things are not working for you and you are in immense pain then take appointment with your doctor and take their help.