Home Remedies For Miscarriage

The natural termination of the pregnancy is known as Miscarriage. Miscarriage is mostly seen before 20 weeks of the pregnancy. It happens when the fetus is unable to survive inside the mother's womb due to some or the other reasons. In first trimester Miscarriage chances are the highest.

Home remedies for Miscarriage :

  1. Add ¼ teaspoon of ground bay leaf to half cup of milk and boil it. Take this drink two times a day.
  2. Drink a cup of false unicorn after every half an hour.
  3. Every morning take any fresh juice of vitamin C with honey.
  4. During the first trimester apply a cold compress on the thighs, the vagina, the perineum and the lumbar region.
  5. Take six to ten grams of ascorbic acid. Do this for about ten days.
  6. Early morning after getting up, drink fresh amla juice with honey.
  7. Ginger tea will also be one of the very good home remedies for Miscarriage , as it causes no harm during pregnancy.
  8. Roots of false unicorn have medicinal properties and are very effective in preventing Miscarriage. These roots are also good for reducing the labor pain and the weakness.
  9. To prevent Miscarriage, taking the red raspberry herb is also very effective.
  10. To keep the urine infections away and also to prevent Miscarriage, you can drink tea made form squaw herb.
  11. Cramp bark is also very effective of the home remedies for Miscarriage among all other herbs.
  12. Having wild yam is also good to prevent Miscarriage.
  13. Taking herb black haw in small amounts is also very effective for Miscarriage.
  14. The tea made form herb Raspberry leaf is also very effective over preventing Miscarriage.
  15. Yoga and meditation will also be helpful in preventing Miscarriage.
  16. Doing stretching exercises and learning the correct way of breathing by doing breathing exercises will also be beneficial during pregnancy.
  17. Start your morning with doing Pranayama, as it is very effective during pregnancy.
  18. Avoid any kind of stress during pregnancy and stay happy.
  19. Take one teaspoon of fresh juice of vitamin C with honey every morning first thing after getting up.
  20. Make a towel wet and compress it on the groin area, to reduce the heat in this area. Do this at least once in a day to avoid Miscarriage.
  21. Take a decoction of black gram with water and have it twice in a day.
  22. If you are having vomiting and it is beyond control, then have ginger tea.
  23. As far as possible avoid taking any antibiotics, as they can be harmful during pregnancy. If you have headache or cold or fever then try home remedies instead of taking antibiotics.

Along with this note some very important things like:

•  Avoid eating food items like prawns, crabs, and shellfish, as they will increase heat in your body.

•  Eat lots of watermelons, apples and oranges.

•  Avoid alcohol and stay away form smoking.

•  Avoid eating pineapple and papaya.

•  Take adequate rest.