Home Remedies For Moles

Due to cluster of pigmented cells, small and dark brown spots appear on various body parts, this spots are known as moles. Mostly all people have these moles on some or other part of the body. A single person may also have many moles too. Moles are not dangerous but they do look ugly if they appear on face. Due to excessive exposure to light or due to genetic reasons such moles generally appear on the body.

Here is a list of home remedies for moles, which will prove effective to remove the moles from the body.

•  In order to get relief from the moles, you can use garlic. You will need to cut garlic vertically into two halves. Put one part of this over the moles and cover it with bandage. If you will keep this overnight for few days, the moles will disappear.

•  Add small amount of honey to a mixture of ground flaxseeds and flaxseeds oil. Apply this on the moles on a daily basis. Soon you will find the difference.

•  Two times in a day massage the area with castor oil. This will also reduce the itching and make the area soft.

•  One of the very effective home remedies for moles is to apply juice of fig stems over the moles. Wash this after keeping it for about twenty minutes.

•  To make the moles completely disappear from the skin, apply a freshly cut pineapple on the moles as many times in a day as you can.

•  There is one more very effective home remedies for moles and that is to apply tea tree oil over the affected area. Do this for about two weeks to see the moles disappear.

•  Take a vitamin C tablet and crush it and apply it on the moles. Then put a bandage over it. Keep this overnight for few days.

•  Applying grapefruit juice over the moles for three to four times in a day is also a good remedy for moles.

•  If possible avoid going when it is very hot outside. Too much exposure to sun is not good. If you have to step out of the house during daytime then apply a good sunscreen lotion and then step out.

•  Make a paste of roasted cashew nuts and apply it over the moles. Allow the paste to dry and then wash it off. This will give positive results in about a week.

•  Apply the juice of fresh fig over the area affected with moles for few days.

•  Make a mixture of baking soda by adding few drops of castor oil. Allow this mixture to rest for five minutes. Dip gauze in this solution and cover it over the moles and keep it throughout the night.

•  On a bandage put few drops of grapefruit juice and tie it over the area affected with moles. Take care to change the bandage after every six hours.

•  Rubbing radish over the moles is also very helpful remedy to get rid from moles.

•  Applying cauliflower juice over the moles is also helpful in reducing the moles.

•  Everyday early morning, apply honey over the moles and within few days your moles will fade out.