Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

Having morning sickness during pregnancy is not a serious issue. But it is not good to take medication for morning sickness, as there are many simple and effective home remedies for morning sickness . Home remedies are safe for both you and your baby and hence you can try them without worrying about any bad effects on your body.

Morning sickness happens due to the change in hormone levels during pregnancy. You can prevent morning sickness by avoiding heat, avoiding strong odors and by drinking lots of fluids. It is must to have proper ventilation in your house, so that fresh air keeps coming in. If you will take care of these above things, you will not get morning sickness.

Home remedies for morning sickness:

  1. With doctor's permission you can try therapies like meditation, Yoga and acupuncture.
  2. You can also try acupressure bands, as they are very effective over morning sickness.
  3. When the blood sugar level decreases, the morning sickness increases and hence you can also try to eat healthy breakfast early in the morning like cereals, etc.
  4. Rather than eating two full meals, divide your food and eat about six to seven short meals. This will prevent you from having empty stomach and hence you will not get morning sickness.
  5. Have lots of fluids, as they are easy to digest and your digestive system will not get overwork to digest the food. Hence rather than eating a fruit, make fruit juice or milk shake and have it. This way your body will get the same nutrients without your body feeling morning sickness.
  6. If you are troubled by the nausea then keep in mind that you should eat such food that will give the much-needed sugar to your body. It is also advisable to keep some glucose biscuits with you, so that you can eat them frequently.
  7. Avoid drinking coffee. Instead have ginger ale, as it will help to eliminate the gas form the body. Also ginger present in ginger ale will give soothing feeling in the digestive tract.
  8. One more simple home remedies for morning sickness is to avoid the odors that make you feel sick. You can also be away from cooking if the smells of spices are responsible for making you vomit.
  9. To treat morning sickness, take one teaspoon of wild yam everyday early in the morning.
  10. Add lavender oil drops in your bathtub and have bath. This will make you feel better if you are troubled with morning sickness.

As morning sickness occurs due to the change of hormones during pregnancy, there is no way with which you can find complete cure over it. But the above-mentioned home remedies will surely make you feel better and help you to enjoy your pregnancy without getting irritated with the morning sickness.

In case you think lot of water is going out of the body due to excessive vomiting, then you should meet your doctor as early as you can. It can create major problems in your pregnancy if you will not pay attention to the body signs.