Home Remedies For Quit Smoking

One of the simplest and safest remedies to quit smoking is to improve lifestyle . Keep yourself busy in sports, work and activities that interest you. This will slowly reduce your craving for smoking. Move around with fun people who do not smoke. This helps too. You can also join a gym and workout on a daily basis. When the body is fit, it is easier to curb the smoking habit.

Self hypnosis methods help. You could get a self hypnosis tape that could help open out your subconscious mind and command it to quit smoking. You will find that you become stronger and lose your urge to smoke as you listen to this tape more and more.

Whenever you have the urge to smoke, put something strong-tasting on the tip of your tongue. The best substance you can put is some common salt . This will immediately kill your desire to smoke.

You could also try out cigarettes of lobelia . These are available as herbal anti-smoking cigarettes. Lobelia is an herb that tastes deceptively similar to nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes. So, when you get the craving for cigarettes, lobelia gives you the feeling as though you have smoked although you really haven't.

Honey is considered to be exceptionally beneficial for quitting smoking. You only have to consume some amount of honey twice or thrice a day to experience a reduction in your smoking urge.

Take some radish , grate it, mix it with two teaspoonfuls of honey and consume it. Do this as many times a day as you wish, especially whenever you have an urge to smoke.

One more traditional remedy that has superior benefits in helping people to kick the smoking habit is to take some licorice and keep chewing on it. Since licorice is obtained in the form of sticks, they can act as substitutes for cigarettes.

If you prefer juices, you could try fresh grape juice whenever you have a craving to smoke. This will instantly kill your smoking urge. Additionally, you could also try out orange juice , though this works only for some people. You could have these juices twice or thrice in a day.

Have oatmeal regularly. Smokers generally do not like the taste of oatmeal and it could take some time getting used to. But once you have got into the habit of having oatmeal, at least twice a day, you will find that your urge for smoking begins to reduce.

Carrots are considered to be good for reducing the urge of smoking as well as to repair some of the damage that the smoking habit has inflicted on the person's internal system. Several carrots can be had each day without any qualms. They could be also taken as a salad mixture with cabbage leaves , which are considered to be another superior remedy for the treatment of the nicotine addiction.

Smoking is also about the physical attraction of the cigarette. People who smoke enjoy the feeling of the stick between their lips. Replacement therapies could help here. Traditionally, twigs of birch have helped people with this kind of fixation.