Home Remedies For Sprain

Due to the injury to ligament you experience a sudden wrench in the joints, this condition is called as sprain. Due to overwork or due to some trauma, the ligament gets hurt and due to which the blood vessels get ruptured. Sprains happen to any joint of the body like knees, fingers, ankles and neck.

Home remedies for Sprain:

  • Avoid taking tea, coffee and chocolates. Rather than that you can have a warm glass of milk before sleeping.
  • When sprain comes, drink plenty of water. You can also drink lemon juice or orange juice. All these fluids will help to maintain the water content of the body.
  • In case you are getting sprains again and again then have it checked form your doctor.
  • Eating banana before going to sleep will also be one of the best home remedies for sprain , as the banana is a rich source of minerals. Eating banana daily will prevent you from having sprains.
  • If you are having foot sprain then you can get relief from the pain by putting one tablespoon of black coffee in a bandage and putting the bandage over your foot sprain.
  • Massaging the area of sprain with garlic oil and almond oil is also one of the very effective home remedies for sprain .
  • You can soak the body part that has got sprain in hot water. Add few drops of lavender oil into the water for fast recovery from sprain.
  • Keep chopped onion in a muslin cloth and place it over the affected area.
  • Have a hot Epsom salt bath, it is really pleasant experience and you will feel relieved from the pain.
  • Soak cabbage leaves in hot water and then wrap them over the area with sprain. Keep it there for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Mix one teaspoon of camphor oil into one cup of sunflower oil and massage the area with sprain with it. This will help to sooth the pain.
  • Apply hot soured milk over the affected area.
  • Mix chopped onions with honey and apply it over the area with sprain.
  • Apply the mixture of sunflower oil and turpentine oil over the area with sprain.
  • Make a paste with lime leaves and butter and apply it over the area that is paining due to sprain.
  • Mix almond oil and garlic oil in equal amounts and apply it over the region that has got sprain.
  • Apply the mixture of limejuice and honey over the area with sprain. This will give instant relief from pain.
  • Applying warm mustard oil over the area with sprain will help in reducing the pain. After some time have warm water bath, as this will make you feel better.
  • Applying ice over the affected area will also help in reducing the pain, as the ice will make the muscles numb and thus the pain will subside.
  • Pineapples extract is also very good source for getting relief from sprain. But in case you are getting itching in your mouth then avoid eating pineapple.