Home Remedies For Sterility

When it comes to sterility there are two main things male sterility and the other is female sterility. Male sterility is due to the failure of man to fertilize the female egg cells. This can happen due to various reasons. Female fertility is due to failure of a woman to have children. This also can happen due to various reasons. There are home remedies for sterility that have worked for many and can work for you too.

Home remedies for Sterility: In Male

  1. Men with smoking and alcohol habits should leave all these bad habits, as these things are responsible for making the sperm count low.
  2. Exercising is a good to keep fit and this will also make you healthy.
  3. Include such foods in your diet that gives you good amount of vitamin C. Daily about one gram of vitamin C is enough.
  4. Take vitamin B12, as it is very effective for normal fertility. You can consult your doctor before taking the supplements for vitamin B12.
  5. Junk food, fried stuff and animal food should be avoided.
  6. Include mineral and zinc in your diet, as this will increase the levels of testosterones.
  7. Daily take about four grams of amino acid for about four months; this will increase the sperm count.
  8. Before indulging in sexual activity drink a glass of warm milk.
  9. Avoid overworking and try to spend quality time with your partner.

Home remedies for Sterility: In Female

  1. Make the banyan tree roots dry and powder them using a grinder. Take this powder with milk every night for three consecutive days after the menstrual periods are over. Do this every month after your menstrual cycles are over.
  2. Take fresh leaves of jambul and make their paste and mix honey in it. Have it daily for better results.
  3. Cook eggplants and eat them with buttermilk every day. Do this for about a month. No need to overcook the eggplants.
  4. Apply mudpacks over the abdomen and the sex organs.
  5. Include food that gives good source of minerals, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C.
  6. Include lots of green vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, grains, cereals, etc. in your diet.
  7. Eating honey, cheese and curd are also very effective home remedies for sterility.
  8. Avoid eating fried food, junk food and salty food.
  9. Drink lot of water. In early morning start your day with drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water.
  10. Eating sweet is also beneficial and hence take some efforts and prepare more sweets in milk and eat them with your partner. As sweets are good for both male and female sterility.
  11. If you or your partner is obese, then try to lose weight. In many cases after loosing weight the sterility problems ends.
  12. Don't stay hungry for a long time.
  13. To cure sterility dates and raisins are also very effective. Include them in your daily diet.
  14. Eating eggs is good for increasing the chances of conception. Hence eat lots of eggs and make your partner eat them too.
  15. You can cook your food in ghee, as ghee is very good source of fat for sterile couples.