Home Remedies For Stress

Stress is caused due to various physical, emotional, mental and social conditions. No one can avoid stress totally. There is no one under this earth who has not experienced stress. Now-a-days even school going kids are under lot of stress due to their studies and also due to the increased competitions. Death in the family, some kind of illness, any disability, sexual problems, obesity, problems in married life, etc. are some of the causes of stress.

Home remedies for Stress:

•  In a cup of water add dried sage leaves and boil it for few minutes. Strain this and add honey to make it sweet. Tea made from the sage leaves is very effective to control stress.

•  As sprouts are rich in calcium, eating sprouts is a good way to get relief from stress.

•  Yogurt is also one of the best home remedies for stress . Include yogurt in your diet, as it is rich source of B complex, vitamin D and vitamin A.

•  Sunflower seeds and Alfalfa are also effective in eliminating the stress.

•  Have hot water bath as it will make your body feel better and you will also get relief from stress.

•  Walking for about 30 minutes in a day has many benefits and one of the benefits is it helps to relieve the stress. Hence you can go for a walk early in the morning. You can start with 15 to 20 minutes of walking and then gradually increase it to about 45 minutes of walking.

•  Basil leaves are known as anti-stress agents and hence chew about twelve leaves of tulsi (Basil leaves) two times in the day. You can have them in the early morning and as well as in the evening time. This is one of the very effective home remedies for stress .

•  Blackstrap molasses are rich source of iron and vitamin B. Include them in your diet and you will get relief from stress of day-to-day life.

•  Whenever you find that you are stressed out beyond limit, then sniffing ajwain seeds will give you instant relief from stress.

•  There are various ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha and brahmi, which are effective in giving relief form stress. You can have them in capsule form or you can open the capsules and empty it in boiling water and make tea from it.

•  Yoga and exercising will also help you to have a strong mind and a strong body. Hence include these two things as an inseparable part of your life. These two things will act like a shield for you and will prevent you from various physical and mental disorders.

•  Meditation is also effective way to come out of stress. Whenever you feel that your mind is full of negative thoughts, you can start meditating, as it will give some positive thoughts to your mind and make you feel little relieved from stress.

•  Smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and soft drinks is also not good, as they will add to your stress levels. Many people think by smoking they are reliving their tensions but it is not true at all. In fact smoking aggravates the tress levels.

•  Before sleeping in the night, have warm milk with honey. This will give you peaceful sleep.

•  To get fast relief from stress, have one teaspoon of honey with warm water.