Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Women all over the world dread the thought of having stretch marks. Some get stretch marks on their stomach after the birth of their babies and some get stretch marks almost everywhere on their body. But there are few lucky ones too, who never get stretch marks. Stretch marks are reddish lines and as time passes they turn into white. In pregnancy as the skin gets stretched, getting stretch marks is on high agenda. It is not true that there is nothing you can do to get rid from stretch marks.

There are many home remedies for stretch marks . Many women have tried and benefited from these remedies.

•  One cannot expect the stretch marks to disappear without doing daily exercises. Exercising will make your skin tight and firm. This way you will not develop stretch marks.

•  Massage your body with olive oil or with vitamin E, this will surely help to remove the stretch marks.

•  You diet should be proper with lots of green vegetables, sprouts, fruits, etc. In short your body should get enough vitamin C, vitamin E along with proteins and minerals.

•  One of the best home remedies for stretch marks is to apply cocoa butter on your body.

•  Mix half cup of virgin live oil, ¼ th cup of aloe Vera gel, liquid from 4 capsules of vitamin A and liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin E into a blender. Remove this mixture into a jar and store it in fridge. Apply this on the places of your body where there are stretch marks. Do it everyday and soon you will find the stretch marks disappearing. You can use this home remedies for stretch marks even if you don't have stretch marks, as it will prevent stretch marks from occurring.

•  Rubbing cocoa butter lotion on the stretch marks before having a bath will also help you in getting rid from stretch marks.

•  Mix coffee powder in any of your hand lotion and apply this on the body parts where you have got stretch marks.

•  Applying vitamin E and olive oil will prove to be beneficial over preventing stretch marks.

•  Rub castor oil on the stretch marks and wrap it with a plastic cover. Then keep a hot pad on this and leave it for about twenty minutes and then wash it off with water.

•  The food that has vitamin K is also beneficial in the treatment of stretch marks. Apply vitamin K cream over the stretch marks is also a good solution over this problem.

•  During pregnancy apply Vaseline intensive care lotion over the stomach will prevent the stomach from getting stretch marks.

•  Eat lots of seeds and nuts, as they will provide zinc, which is helpful to prevent stretch marks.

•  Applying cocoa butter on the stomach will prevent stretch mars from occurring.

•  Massage your body with aroma oil will also help in preventing the stretch marks from happening.

•  Regular exercises should never be stopped, as it will keep your body in well shape and tone.