Home Remedies For Sunburn

Too much exposure to the sun's ultra violet rays causes sunburn. There are two kinds of ultra violet rays, ultra violet A and ultra violet B rays. Both these rays have enough power to damage the skin. The ultra violet A rays damages the inside layers of the skin while the ultra violet B rays damages the outer layers of the skin.

There are many natural home remedies for sunburn . There are remedies for each type of sunburn whether it is first degree, second degree or third degree burn. Sunburns can happen to anyone including children. Those who live in hot climatic conditions are more prone to get sunburns. Some of the very popular and widely used home remedies for sunburn are listed below.

As it is always said prevention is better than cure, one can take care not to go out when the temperature is very high. It is better to avoid sunlight in the afternoon time. Try to finish the work either early morning or late in evening.

In case one cannot avoid going out in the afternoon time, then wearing sunglasses and a hat is the best way with which one can protect the skin from the highly dangerous ultra violet rays.

It is also advisable to wear light colored cotton clothes , as they capture less heat and keeps the skin cool.

Using a sunscreen lotion is also a good solution for preventing the sunrays from harming the skin. Try using a sunscreen with 15 SPF or more than this. SPF stands for the sun protection factor. Thirty minutes before going out in the sun, apply sunscreen lotion to all the exposed parts of the skin.

Dehydration can also be the cause behind getting sunburns and hence try to drink maximum amount of fluid. Carry a bottle of water is the best accessory during the climate is hot.

The diet also plays equal role in avoiding getting sunburns. The food that one eats should be high in proteins. Including raw fruits and green vegetables will give the much-needed vitamins and minerals.

It is one of the best home remedies for sunburn to drink lots of juices . This will also help in keeping the body well hydrated and hence the skin will not loose the moisture when comes in contact with the ultra violet rays.

The best thing to do after getting sunburns is to apply cold water over the affected area. It is also beneficial to add baking soda in the water, as it will give the more soothing effect. Adding oatmeal in water and then applying it on the affected area will also serve the same purpose.

It is good to wash the affected area with a good antibacterial soap ; this will prevent any kind of infection.

There is no need to put any kind of cream or put any kind of Band-Aid, it is advisable to keep the affected area uncovered . This will heal the affected part soon.

Applying cold aloe Vera gel or apple cider vinegar over the affected area will also help in healing the sunburns faster.