Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

No one likes to have yellow and dirty teeth. Due to the use of tobacco, tea, chocolates, coffee and berries, tarter gets accumulated over the teeth. This is what makes the teeth turn yellow and also gives bad smell to the mouth. If one doesn't take proper care of teeth by cleaning them regularly, the situation can get worse.

Even if your teeth are turned yellow and are not pearl white, you can go for teeth whitening and have white teeth. This will also change the way you look along with boosting your confidence. Teeth's whitening is not at all a tough procedure.

There are many home remedies for teeth whitening , which you can try at home without any dental surgeons help.

  1. Wood ash is believed to a good teeth whitener and hence brushing your teeth with wood ash will be a good thing to start teeth whitening with.
  2. If you will add baking soda in your toothpaste and brush your teeth, within half a month you will see the change in your teeth color.
  3. The best home remedies for teeth whitening is to mix your toothpaste with little baking soda and put this paste into a foil (which you will need to fold before in the shape of your teeth) and place it on your teeth. If you will keep this foil on your teeth daily about one hour, you will get the results pretty soon. After removing the foil don't forget to brush your teeth.
  4. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits like broccoli, apples, carrots, celery and cucumbers will surely help to make your teeth appear white. What you eat has the maximum effect on the color of your teeth. No matter what you eat, make it a point to wash your mouth thoroughly after every meal.
  5. One more good home remedies for teeth whitening is to crush strawberries in a bowl, and use this paste to brush your teeth. If you will follow this routine for few weeks, you will see the difference in the color of your teeth.
  6. To remove the food particles completely from your teeth, you can do gargling after every eating. If you will gargle your teeth with a tiny capsule of peroxide (not to swallow it though) and then wash your mouth with normal water, then it will also work wonders on your teeth.
  7. Take toothpaste on your brush, add baking soda on it and also add few drops of lemon juice on it and then brush your teeth as usual. Baking soda together with the lemon juice has the power to remove the dirt accumulated on your teeth.
  8. You can also brush your teeth with taking lemon juice and salt in equal quantity. Lemon and salt together is very effective to remove the yellowness of your teeth.
  9. Rubbing your teeth with orange peel is also a good way to remove the yellowness of the teeth.
  10. Take a bark of walnut tree and brush your teeth with it, it is a good method of teeth whitening.