Home Remedies For Toothache

Toothache is very common and can happen to people of any age and any gender. Toothache can happen without any prior warning signs or symptoms. The pain caused due to the toothache may be sharp, intense or constant.

Home remedies for toothache are always helpful as it is not easy to get a dentists appointment when suddenly the pain starts. Following are some very easy and effective remedies for toothache.

  1. To get instant relief from the pain chew the leaves of guava tree.
  2. Apply clove oil on the aching tooth. Clove oil helps in removing tooth infection also.
  3. The simplest home remedies for toothache is to hold garlic clove on the aching tooth.
  4. To make the gums strong and prevent tooth from decaying, chewing spinach leaves is the best remedy.
  5. Mix a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of pepper powder and apply it on the aching tooth.
  6. Ice is always handy at home. Take an ice cube and apply it on the cheeks, this will reduce the toothache and make you feel better.
  7. Drinking the juice of wheat grass will also help in reducing the pain.
  8. To kill the germs in the mouth eat raw onion. In case you don't like onion, chew the onion for about two to three minutes.
  9. The good home remedies for toothache involves rubbing the mixture of pepper powder and clove oil.
  10. Put few drops of vanilla extract on the tooth that is paining. This will surely act as a painkiller.
  11. Make paste with bay berry bark and vinegar. Apply this paste on affected tooth; you will get instant relief from the pain.
  12. When you have toothache don't eat anything sweet. Avoid sugar or else the problem will become worse.
  13. It is not good to eat or drink anything that is too hot or too cold, as this will surely lead to toothache.
  14. Your diet should include lots of green vegetables and fruits.
  15. Apply the mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder and apply it on the affected tooth.
  16. Try to include such food items in your daily diet that will give good amount of vitamin C and calcium. Both these things are very helpful for having good healthy teeth.
  17. After every meal you must gargle, so that all the bacteria from the teeth will be removed. It is more useful if you will gargle with hydrogen peroxide after every meal.
  18. Take 1 cup of water and put five grams of peppermint in it. Also add a pinch of salt. Drink this solution. This solution will act as an instant painkiller.
  19. Take a cup of water and add five to six cloves and also add 2-inch bark of Margosa. Boil this together and then strain it and store in fridge. Coat this solution on your affected tooth. This will give relief from pain.
  20. Rinsing your mouth with whisky without mixing anything in it. This also acts like an antibiotic and kills the germs from the teeth.