Home Remedies For Warts

Many people are not aware about warts. Warts are the blemishes that appear on the skin and looks quite ugly. Whenever anyone gets these warts, their first priority becomes to remove these ugly looking blemishes.

Warts happen due to viral infections and can be really painful in some cases. Warts look elevated unlike moles, which are flat. There are certain popular home remedies for warts . In market you will come across many cosmetic products that assure to remove these blemishes and give glowing skin. But there is no complete guarantee that these cosmetics are harmless and will not have any side effects.

Some very effective home remedies for warts are given below.

  • If you will apply onion juice on the wart on a regular basis then the warts will vanish completely.
  • For three weeks, if you will apply the juice of sour apples on the affected area, then the wart will get removed.
  • To remove warts within few days, apply the paste of coriander on the wart.
  • Take a trunk of banyan tree and remove its juice. This milky juice if applies on the warts, then the wart will get removed.
  • The roots of dandelion are used in the treatment of warts. You will need to cut the roots of dandelion and rub it on the wart at least thrice in a day. Very soon the wart will fall down from the skin.
  • If you will apply the fresh juice of pineapple on the warts on a regular basis, then the wart will soon get detached from the skin. It is better to apply this juice in the nighttime and wash it off in the morning.
  • Put few drops of castor oil on a pinch of baking soda and apply this paste on the wart. Keep this paste on the wart overnight and repeat this thing for few days. This is believed to be the best home remedies for warts .
  • One more easy remedy for removing the warts is to cut the garlic into pieces and keep it over the wart. Then tie this with a bandage and live it throughout the night. The juices form the garlic will work wonder on the wart and within three days the warts will fall off. If you have time then you can keep the bandage 24 hours, this will make the treatment fast.
  • If you will take apple cider vinegar daily, then your body will get the potassium, which is good in keeping the skin free of warts.
  • Take drumsticks and make a paste of them. Add limejuice into it. Apply this mixture on the wart. Very soon the wart will disappear from the skin.
  • Slice the potato and keep it on the place of wart and do this remedy for few nights. The wart will soon disappear.
  • To remove the warts, you can also use banana. Peel the banana and place the peel of it on the wart so that inner side of the peel is in contact with the wart.
  • Apply the juice of grapefruit on the warts and within few days you will see the difference.