Evanova For vaginal dryness, menopause pain relief


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Large numbers of women suffer from vaginal dryness and severe pain during menstruation. It may be due to hormonal and physiological changes taking place in the women’s body. All such issues can be managed well with the help of Evanova. It is an herbal product that is quite safe for women and aids in offering relief from gynaecological problems.

Why use Evanova?

  1. It helps in management of vaginal dryness. It lubricates the vagina and also soothes down any irritation or itching therein.
  2. Abdominal pain or pain in the pubic region that is experienced by women during menstrual cycles is also relieved.
  3. It maintains normal balance of hormones in the body.
  4. The menstrual cycles are regularized.
  5. Menopausal symptoms are also relieved.

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