Hirak Bhasm (Treatment For Cancer)


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Suggested by the name, Divya Heerak Bhasm is rich in extracts obtained from pure diamond. Since diamond is a precious stone therefore it proves to be equally worthwhile in the treatment of certain health issues associated with human body. It offers strength to the entire body so that it may become as sturdy and efficient as is original diamond.

Therapeutic effects

  1. It rejuvenates the entire body so as to get rid of physical and mental weakness.
  2. The immunity is improved naturally so as to enhance its natural capacity to combat infectious diseases.
  3. High blood sugar is lowered and normalized.
  4. It aids in making up for deficiency of iron in the body so as to treat anemia.
  5. Tuberculosis is also cured and prevented.
  6. It improves fertility.
  7. It is useful in controlling the cancerous cells from spreading to other body parts.

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