Madhu Kalp Vati (for Diabetes)


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Diabetic patients are advised to use this medicine in regular manners. Prepared from natural herbs, this wonderful formulation helps in controlling the blood sugar. Madhu Kalp Vati is useful in reactivating the pancreas for converting the excessive glucose into glycogen for use in the future. It helps in bringing down the level of blood sugar to great extent. Those suffering from diabetes must give a try to this medicine that works wonders in saying NO to this dangerous disease.

Usage – One tablet of Madhu Kalp Vati taken before the meals is sufficient to get rid of diabetes. Lukewarm water or milk may be used for taking this useful medicine.

Care – Available in packing of sixty grams each; this Madhu Kalp Vati must be stored in cool and dry place. Children should not be allowed to have access to this medicine.

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