Shilajeet Rasayan 40 gm (for ED Treatment)


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Men and women need to be strong as far as their reproductive strengths are concerned. Many men suffer from impotency for which Shilajit Rasayan is the best medicine. This is the strongest treatment for the men that are not able to produce children. This ayurvedic formulation works wonders in treating diabetes, obesity and weakened immunity. Those suffering from asthma, cough, allergy, cold, T.B., weakened lungs or liver and other disorders must try this medicine.

Shilajit Rasayan acts like a strong detoxifier that removes the toxic and other harmful substances from the body. Sexual stamina of the men is improved with this unique medicine that keeps them young.

Dosage – One or two tablets twice a day with lukewarm milk or water. Pomegranate juice may also be used.

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